How to Dress for Confidence

Real confidence is about embracing your best features and working with them. What you wear can make a positive or negative first impression.  Your style always sends a message to those around you and it’s an effective communication tool.   Style is more than just clothes, it’s a persons own unique preference in color, fabric and design.  Your personal style also tells a story.

Fashion is an expression of art that changes with the seasons.  

Here are a few things to consider when getting dress:

1. Color – You must find the colors that work best for you. It is important to know the colors that work well with your hair and complexion.  And, consider this: all colors have meaning (for example) red, black and white – represents power

Green = Success and Abundance

Yellow = Happy

Red = Passion, Courage and Power

Orange = Enthusiasm, excitement

Pink = love, sensitivity

Blue = Peace and trust

Violet = Self Awareness, Spirituality

Brown and Earth Tones = Stability

Black = Sophisticated

White =  Purity, goodness

If you dress in a way that flatters your unique shape, not only will you feel comfortable but this will also help to give you more confidence.  

1.  Identify your body shape:  

The Straight Body –  This means that your body measurements are the same up and down and your waistline is not easily defined.  Many supermodels have this type of body. You should wear bright colors, fabrics with different cuts and textures, choose tops that gather at the waist.  Tops that flow with draping in the sleeve and body along with a wide banded waist, create the look of an hour glass shape.

The Pear Shape – If your bust is smaller than your hips, then you have the shape of a pear.  It is best to wear bold patterns and bright colors.  Your best assest is your waist therefore you should wear tops that are fitted at the waist.  Off the shoulder tops give you a great look.  Slacks that are dark colored as well as boot cut and trouser jeans in dark washed denim also compliment your shape, just avoid those back pockets. 

The Apple Shape – If your hips are smaller than your shoulders, and above the waist is heavy, then you have an apple shape.  You should wear textured and soft fabrics.  Dark colors are very good at hiding the heaviness in the middle section of your body.  Wearing V-Necks and scoop necklines are good,  this draws attention to your great bust and not your midsection.   Wear dresses that expand at the waist and flow from under the bust line.  Avoid clothes that fit too tight, boxy. 

The Hourglass Shape –  Your body is well balanced and proportioned.  Clothes that compliment this frame usually hug your curves.  Wrap tops, Wrap dresses, Avoid heavy fabrics and choose the delicate fabrics such as chiffon, silkblends and soft knits.  Tailored items are excellent choices to wear.

2. Your personal style is important:    Why?  Because people tend to form an opinion within minutes of seeing you.  Your style gives the world a glimpse of who you are and it tells a great deal about your personality.   Style evolves as you become more self-assured.  Style is always fresh.  The clothes you wear represent an expression of your spirit and character.  Your calling card is your style.  

3. What’s the occasion? Are you going to the mall, the grocery store or is it a company party or event? Whatever the occasion, your personal style is a reflection of you and it needs to shine.  You may just inspire someone with the way you dress.

4. Accessorize It – Here is where you can get real creative and make an old outfit standout.   An outfit can be worn over and over again with the right accessories.  And, by accessorizing and old outfit, you actually save money.  When a woman accessorizes, she expresses herself personally.  Accessories include earrings, necklaces, belts, scarfs etc.

5.  How are you feeling today?  That is a very important question we should ask ourselves before choosing an outfit for the day. Do you want to feel glamorous, powerful, comfortable laid back or do you want to feel sexy.  Or is it all of the these things?; then dress the part.

6. Cosmetics –  Choosing the right makeup is essential in completing your look.  There is nothing worst, than having on a glamourous outfit and then the make up overshadows the outfit.   Makeup should enchance, not alter your beauty.  Knowing your skin type will help you to choose a foundation that is right for you.  You can also go to a department store and experiment with the different colors of lipstick and eyeshadow.  And if you are in need of makeup lessons, youtube has thousands of tutorials to help you.

7.  Perfume –   Your mood will be enhanced by wearing your favorite fragrance.  Perfumes are aromatic and can help you to relax and feel pretty.  Perfumes will help to boost your confidence as well.

Never give up on yourself because you are beautiful inside and out.